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    About Us

    This website is for Software testers and tech-curious people. We are working in the same field and sharing our knowledge regularly. We will share regular articles on software testing tips, Automation testing, Different automation frameworks, Interview questions for software testers, Android, ios, and other tech updates. You can contact us at softwaretestingtipspro@gmail.com 

    About Software testing tips

    About Pages - 

    Software Testing

    Sharing regular articles on Software testing from my experience and Learning. That will cover theoretical articles on testing tips, Some basics of software engineering, Manual testing, Recent testing tools and technology, and much more. 

    Automation Testing

    Sharing regular articles on Automation. Will try to cover all the basics of selenium and appium first. Also, introduce some popular automation frameworks and tricks of automation. Let's automate things together. 

    Recent Technology Updates

    This is why everyone should follow this site. Will share regular technology updates and news. So this site is not just for software testers, every techie person should follow this. Will keep our eyes on what big giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Amazon, Apple, Facebook are doing and changing the world. So stay updated.

    Interview Questions

    Will share interview questions on Software testing basics, Automation, Puzzles, Data Structure, Data Analytics, and some tips. 

    So please follow this site, visit it regularly. Add to your bookmarks. Keep testing, Make this world bug-free. 

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