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    8 Smart ways to speed up Your Automation Test run

     Now a days everyone is behind automation. Most of testing departments have automation specialist just to maintain framework and write automation scripts. Also manual Testers are expected to write more and more automation along with their daily testing stuffs. Most of companies write more UI automation using selenium, appium or similar tools. Because of all this chaos, they come up with large number of automation scripts which takes forever to run. So how to speed up automation run? here are Smart ways to speed up Your Automation Test run.

    Before proceeding further you can watch video for same 

    8 Smart ways to speed up Your Automation Test run

    Watch this video for better understanding of each points. 

    1. Fix non stable tests 

    • Identify Non-stable tests which sometime pass, and some time fail
    • Make separate suit for those if not possible to fix

    2.  Avoid duplicate flows

    • Make sure prerequisites for tests are automated such that same flow not require to execute multiple time 
    • Analyse test cases and try to avoid duplicate tests
    3.  Use of waits
    • Minimise use of waits
    • Calculate waiting time for failing scenarios
    • Use conditional waits as much as possible
    4. Use of Element locators
    • relative xpaths vs static xpaths
    • Use of Javascript filters
    • Css selectors
    5. Run in parallel
    • Make sure all tests are independent
    • Have Capable environment setup
    6. Use of cookies and cheat codes
    • Use cookies to load pages faster

    • Have some cheat codes to get unwanted things done

    7.  Use of APIs

    • Specially in mobile automation
    • To get data needed from server
    8. Automate only if required

    • Try to cover in Unit tests
    • Don’t automate tests partially
    • Don’t automate things which required to test only once

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