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    User found a bug in ios that can break wifi

    While using iPhone (or testing! ) a user found an important bug in ios that could be missed in their internal testing. Users need to take care while choosing a wifi name as it may break your iPhone's wifi and then it will not able to connect to any wifi. Security researcher Carl Shau has discovered and tweeted about this bug, after that so many uses have confirmed this bug.

    bug in ios that can break wifi

    This bug is related to special characters ( yeh, QA people here can feel that!). He created network SSID "%p%s%s%s%s%n" and tried to connect iPhone with that wifi. He observed that it broke the iPhone's wifi and couldn't connect to other wifi's as well. You can get it back by resetting your network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings).

    This issue was found in iOS 14.4.2 and still present in 14.6. Some users have tested the same in Android and it works well. The special character-related issue in iOS may not be limited to just wifi it may cause an issue in messages with special characters.

    This glitch is not looking that serious but if someone creates a public network with such SSID then all the users who connect to that network may lose their wifi.

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