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    Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozila forming the webExtension community Group

    On 4th june 2021, W3 has announced forming a webExtension community group (WECG).  WECG has announced that now different browsers will come together and work on centralising webExtensions for all the browsers. Currently Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozila agreed to be part of webExtension community Group.

    Till now webExtensions that supports multiple browsers  are hard to develop and maintain. Developers need to code differently for each browser. For users also, they need to download extensions for each browser and install that differently. Currently major browsers like Chrome, Safari, firefox, Opera, Edge etc uses chromium api for extension but implementation for extension for each browsers are different, Also they do not maintain latest api changes chromium provides. 

    Google, Apple, Microsoft, mozila

    The Goal of the WECG - 
    This community group seeks to align on a common vision for browser extensions and to work towards future standardisation.
    1. Make extension development easier for developers by maintaining common APIs and Permissions.
    2. Maintain common core functionalities and consistent model.
    3. Make webExtensions more secure 
    4. Enhance architecture that improves performance. 
    Work of WECG community will be guided by W3C and HTML. Currently Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozila have started initiative, in nearer future other browser makers will also join.   BTW this will ensure that existing extensions will be working as it is and also existing extension stores will be there. 

    Here you can visit WECG charter. Check out our GitHub to follow along with the work.

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