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    Difference between white box and black box testing

    Software testing can be mainly classified into two - white box testing and black box testing. Most QA engineers do black box testing to certify the product. In interviews, people ask about white box and black box testing, differences, techniques, and all. So it is good to know about definitions and differences between white box and black box testing. Also, we will try to understand this terminology with real-life examples. 

    I have created a youtube video on our Software testing tips and tricks channel, in which I have discussed

    1. White box testing vs Black box testing with examples
    2. White box and black box testing techniques
    3. Functional vs non-functional testing
    4. Advantages and disadvantages of white box and black box testing

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    White box testing - 

    is the testing method in which the internal code of the software is tested. The white box itself describes, we understand what is inside box and test it. Ideally while reviewing PRs one should do white box testing. 

    Who does this?- Mostly developers or SDETs 

    white box testing techniques - 
    • Condition testing 
    • Data flow testing 
    • Loop testing 
    Black box testing - 

    is the testing method in which the functionality of the software is tested without worrying about internal development. As the name suggested it is a black box, so we don't know what is inside it but we can test the use cases of the software. 

    Who does this? - Mostly QAs 

    It can be further divided into functional and non-functional testing. 
    Sanity, smoke, regression, acceptance, etc are functional testing where the functionality of the product is tested whereas load, performance, and security are nonfunctional testing where another nonfunctional strength of the product is tested. 

    Black box testing techniques - 
    • Boundary Value Analysis
    • Equivalence partitioning
    • State Transition Testing
    • Decision Table Testing
    • Graph-Based Testing
    • Error Guessing Technique

    Difference between white box and black box testing

    • White box testing is mainly performed to flow and quality of the code whereas black box. testing focuses on core functionality of the product.
    • White box testing requires strong coding knowledge whereas black box testing required more product knowledge and testing experience.
    • White box testing can be used to test algorithms and complexities, but black box testing is mostly not that effective. 
    • White box testing is costly and time-consuming whereas black box testing is cheaper. 
    • As mentioned white box testing is mostly performed by developers or  SDETs whereas black box testing is performed by software testers.
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