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    Top 6 tools that software testers use in day to day manual testing

    All we know is everything can't be automated. Especially new features or completely new products required to test manually. To maintain the testing process or to do tasks easily one needs to use several tools. Here I am mentioning the top 6 tools that I use day-to-day and most of the software testers do.  These tools help software testers to identify test cases, Raise bugs, debug issues, watch out logs, and much more. Let's discuss them one by one.

    Tools that software testers use in day-to-day manual testing

    Top 6 tools for software testing

    6. Xmind

    Xmind is a tool that helps to brainstorm software and understand the flows. With this software, you can create mind maps of the software which will help to derive test cases easily. So if you are working with very complex software in starting face you may not have much idea about software and all the flows. So you can create a map of software and find all possible paths. You can find more in below video- 

    5.  DevTools

    Browser's dev tool is the most underrated tool for the QA engineer. It provides so much information about the website like HTML tags, network logs, performance, storage, memory usage etc. Every QA should keep it open while testing the web application. Here is the full video where I demonstrated each functionality of Chrome devTools in brief. 

    4. PostMan / Advanced Rest Client

    When API testing comes into the picture, Postman is one of the best tools to test those APIs manually. Also, Chromes Advanced rest client is a simple but effective tool to test the APIs. If you are new to API and want to learn it in a few minutes watch the below video - 

    3. Responsinator / Emulators

    Testing websites or mobile applications in different screen sizes and resolutions is very important. For day-to-day testing, one must test UI on different resolutions and apps across the devices. To test website in different resolutions "Responsinator" is the tool. There are other paid tools as well like browserstack or LambdaTest. Also, one can use Chrome's resolutions for different devices available in Devtools. Here is the video where I have demonstrated all the tools. 


    2. Notepad/Notepad++

    Notepad or Notepad++ is a daily used tool to keep rough points from meetings,  see the logs, copy-paste things, and much more. Most of QAs don't need any description of these tools. Also, one can use Microsoft Word and Excel as well. 

    1. Jira + Confluence 

    Jira is the most wanted tool for any medium or large company to keep track of their work. Also, it can be used to file bugs, follow Agile, keep backlogs, and much more. I have created a video to explain the use cases of Jira Epics, tasks, stories, bugs etc.

    There is another tool called confluence which helps to keep documents in at central place. Also for QA you can put your test plans and test results on confluence. Also to understand the project you can go through the confluence pages created by the product manager or developers.

    Comment about the tools you guys use in your day-to-day testing. 

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