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    Is Manual Testing Dying?

    Currently, software industry moving aggressively to automation testing. Every second company is moving to automation. Is automation testing so effective to remove humans from testing? Are automation tools better than humans? Should we move to complete automation and remove manual testers? Is Manual testing dying?

    Is Manual Testing Dying?
    Is Manual Testing Dying?
    First of all, there are many advantages of manual testing over automation testing. Manual testers are flexible. One can switch his/her role easily. While testing humans can think and have some clever ideas for product. They can smartly found corner cases. They can observe response of the system and can feel how it is good for customers. So, for UI design, color combination etc can be observed easily by humans.

    Automation testing have its own advantages. It is very fast, it never skips any test case, it can run over and over, it can run over nights. Automation testing is perfect for regression testing, performance testing and load testing.

    Let’s come to question, Is Manual Testing Dying? Answer is No. Manual testing will never die. One of the best reason is, Automation testing could not cover all kind of test cases for all the products. Yes, some easy website or Application may not require manual testing (But can they afford the cost of Automation tools?). Complex enterprise products, Products which are adding new features regular basis will always require manual testers. For new feature, it is clever idea to test manually for faster delivery.

    Let’s talk about job opportunities, will be lesser job opportunity for manual tester? Answer is Yes. It will be difficult to survive for only “Manual Tester”. So, the tip is Manual tester should update themselves (everyone needs to update their skill set in this industry) . If you are manual tester start learning some automation with any programming language. It will help a lot. Now a days, even if company testing their product manually only, they want manual testers who knows little bit automation as well, so that they can automate regression or performance test cases.


    So, my conclusion is, Automation will grow, but manual testing will never die. But the fact is everyone have to learn somewhat automation scripting. Next era will demand “upgraded” manual testers. 

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