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    Puppeteer Interview questions for beginners and intermediate

    Puppeteer is a Node.js library supported by Google that helps to automate the browser.  Puppeteer is the latest technology in the automation world and many people may not be familiar with it but now puppeteer is slowly growing in the startups. So, there is the demand for automation engineers getting increasing. I have created a top 10 puppeteer interview questions list for beginners and intermediate with answers.  checkout our youtube channel to learn puppeteer from scratch. 

    Here is the list of puppeteer interview questions that may be asked in the interview - 

    1. what is Puppeteer? 
    2. Which browsers puppeteer supports? 
    3. How to check check-box using puppeteer? 
    4. How to set cookies using Puppeteer? 
    5. How to use Xpaths with puppeteer? 
    6. How to assert in puppeteer? 
    7. How to get all links using Puppeteer? 
    8. How to use wait in puppeteer? 
    9. What is the advantage of puppeteer over selenium? 
    10. Which automation framework do you use with Puppeteer?

    To get the explanation of each question in deep watch this youtube video 

    If you want this document please email to softwaretestingtipspro@gmail.com 

    To understand each and every point why and how, please watch the video from my youtube channel and subscribe to the channel -> Youtube channel. Thank You.

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