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    Using mind map for functional testing

    When a new product or feature development starts, most of the time QAs don't have any clue about the design of the product, what all areas he needs to test, how much effort to put. Mostly QA gets a basic idea of the product from the product architect or developers or BAs. So how exactly mind map helps in software testing?

    using mind maps in functional testing

    Mind maps in testing- 

    First of all, what is a mind map? 
    A mind map is a structure or diagram which helps you to represent tasks, ideas, concepts, etc. So for testing also you can use the same to understand the new product or feature you need to test. When the project is assigned to you, as a QA you can start putting your understanding in mind maps and then you can connect the dots. After putting everything on mindmap you can also review that once with the team.

    Once your mind map is done, it is very easy to figure out test scenarios and tests you need to perform. So you can also estimate efforts and time to test a particular product. 

    Here is the video from my youtube channel "software testing tips and tricks" where I explained how to use mind maps using Xmind for functional testing with the example. You can watch the video ( don't forget to subscribe to the channel).

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