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    Using Chrome DevTools for software testing

    Mostly, automation testers use developer tools to get the Xpaths of the element. These developer tools can be also useful in functional testing especially to figure out runtime errors, API errors, and some hidden errors in the web application. It is also useful to get network and console logs when you figure out the bug and reporting it to developers. All browser have their own developer tools but I have found chrome and firefox have more features though I didn't explore others.

    I have created a youtube video in the "software testing tips and tricks" channel where I have covered all basic use cases of DevTools for software testing. Please subscribe to the channel. In the below video, I have covered -
    1. how to open DevTools in chrome 
    2. how to do on-fly HTML, CSS changes for testing 
    3. how to check errors 
    4. how to check network logs and analyze API requests 
    5. How to monitor performance 
    6. how to check memory usage 
    7. How to check the security of web applications using DevTools (developer tools).

    For any queries or suggestions feel free to comment on YouTube or reach out to social media pages.
    Here are the links YouTube, RedditFacebook, and Twitter 


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