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    How to report the bug effectively using JIRA or Excel?

    As a Quality assurance engineer, your primary job is to find bugs in the product and report those bugs. Reporting the bug is as important as finding the bug. Sometimes QAs do not take this job very seriously or new QAs might not have enough idea what to put while reporting the bug. 

    How to report the bug effectively using JIRA or Excel? 

    Here is the youtube video from the software testing tips and tricks channel (click here to subscribe).
    In this video, I have discussed -
    1. what is bug and types of bugs QA needs to report 
    2. What all information do you need to provide while filing bugs? 
    3. How to define the priority of the bug? 
    4. Template for bug description 
    5. How to report the bug using Jira? 
    6. how to report the bug using Excel? 
    7. which tool to use for reporting a bug?

    So while filing the bug as a quality assurance engineer you need to add all the detailed steps, logs, screenshots, descriptions, where you have tested, is it reproducible or not.

    you can define the template for filing a bug in your team, so it would be easy for everyone in the team to understand the bug quickly.
    1. Reproduction steps 
    2. Actual Result 
    3. Expected Result 
    4. Tested on
    5. Is it reproducible? 
    6. Version 
    7. Environment

    After that, you need to define the priority of the bug, which should be accurate so it will help the team to understand how quickly it should be fixed. Jira has bug priority as defined by your admin 
    1. Blocker - when you are not able to test the feature/product
    2. critical - when some scenario is completely blocked
    3. High - When some test case is not working and it is important to fix 
    4. Medium - UI issues and some minor issues that may not that important to fix.
    5. low - Some minor alignment issues, color issues, etc.

    You should add the proper labels for relevant bugs and also add Epic if it falls under some epics. In the above video, I have explained in detail how to file bugs with Jira or Excel. 

    For any queries or suggestions feel free to comment on YouTube or reach out to social media pages.
    Here are the links YouTube, RedditFacebook, and Twitter 

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