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    Web Application Testing Guidelines for Beginners - Tips and Tricks

    Nowadays, websites become a mandatory thing for any business. If you own a business, even if an offline business, you must have a website of your brand. There are countless websites over the internet for different purposes. So to stay in the competition, the quality and usability of your website should be best, for this reason testing a website by a professional quality assurance engineer is mandatory. Here I am sharing some tips and tricks for testing web applications, basic guidelines for beginners.

    What is web app testing? 

    Web app testing is software testing of a website to find potential bugs. It's a complete testing of an application which opens in the browser.

    you can divide the website into mainly two parts 

    • Static website
      Static websites are the one which has static content on the website which do not change over the user's intersection, only the site owner can make the changes. For example blogs, information websites.
    • Dynamic website
      Dynamic websites are the ones that can be chang over user's interactions, users can upload things, control the flows. Use can add content as well. For example social media, shopping carts. 
    Testing a static website is a bit easy. you just need to test
    • Content on the page, spelling, and grammar errors
    • All the links (internal and external) are working 
    • All the images added are displayed correctly on different resolutions
    • Check the performance of the site, sometimes adding a readymade theme can slow down the site (like this blog :p).
    Testing a Dynamic website is not that straightforward. In dynamic websites, users can upload or change content so that is called web applications as well. So to test a web app you need to follow testing guidelines. Here, the most important thing is to test functionality. You can follow the web app testing checklist
    1. Functionality testing
    2. Usability testing 
    3. Interface testing
    4. Compatibility testing
    5. Performance testing
    6. Security testing

    Web Application Testing Guidelines for Beginners

    To understand this detail with demo websites I have created a youtube video. Please watch the complete video to understand the important testing required for web apps and subscribe to the channel as well.

    • To understand each and every point why and how, please watch the video from my youtube channel and subscribe to the channel -> Youtube channel. Thank You.
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