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    API testing - Guideline for Beginners

     API testing is as important as functional testing. If you are manual QA then you must enhance your skills in API testing as well. API testing is not something you need to automate only, you can manually test those APIs using tools like postman, chrome rest client (ARC) etc. 

    What is API?

    API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of all procedures and functions that allow us to create an application by accessing the data or features of another program. Testing of such procedures is known as API Testing. 
    Web API - can be defined as something that takes the request from a client system to a web server and sends back the response from a web server to a client machine.

    WebAPI examples 
    Payment Gateway - Most of the e-cart applications use third-party functionality to make the payment. So to communicate with his third party about the order number, the payment total, and transaction number it uses web APIs. 

    Bellow is the full tutorial video in which I demo how to do web API testing using examples and Chrome's Advanced Rest Client tool. It's super easy, you can learn this skill in 30 mins. Also, we will discuss how to write test cases for API. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel. 

     API testing - Guideline for Beginners

    • To understand each and every point why and how, please watch the video from my youtube channel and subscribe to the channel -> Youtube channel. Thank You.
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