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    Automate the browser with a fingerprint using the puppeteer

    The fingerprint is the identity of the person.  Each person has a different identity and can be uniquely identified using the fingerprint. So what is the browser fingerprint? why browser fingerprint is used and how can we change it using automation? 

    What is the browser fingerprint?

    The website collects different information from the browser like version, operating system, location,  screen resolution, browser language, font sizes, plugins installed, etc. Using this information, it uniquely identifies the user. This information can be collected using the cookies or the script website has. 

    What is the use of browser fingerprint? 

    Using the browser fingerprint, the website collects all the user's data to identify users uniquely. Based on the user identification they can show custom Ads, recommendations, shopping options, and much more.

    Now the good thing is, using Puppeteer you can change this browser fingerprint and use a custom fingerprint. So the website can only see the fingerprint user has added. Also, this can be used to automate browsers with fingerprints. So if you need to launch the browser with a custom fingerprint you can use this plugin called "browser with fingerprint" 

    Automate the browser with a fingerprint using the puppeteer

    To automate browser pinger print you just need to do the following steps 
    1. Install "Browser with fingerprint" plugin 
    2. create a fingerprint
    3. Add to plugin 
    4. Launch the browser with the plugin. 

    Here is the full video to understand how to do it using a live code example. Also please subscribe to the channel for more informative videos.

    What is the "Browser with fingerprint" plugin, and how it works and for detailed information you can read here.

    Playwright with browser plugin Installation - 

    npm i browser-with-fingerprints 
    # or 
    pnpm i browser-with-fingerprints 
    # or 
    yarn add browser-with-fingerprints

    Documentation links for Playwright, selenium, and puppeteer

    From the Below links, you can get Github code to clone, basic information, and a sample script to run for all supported frameworks. 

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