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    Difference between Verification and Validation testing

     In software testing to ensure the quality of the product several testing techniques are used for example functional testing, system testing, unit testing, regression testing, and exploratory testing. These testing techniques can be divided into white-box and black-box testing (see previous articles). To ensure the quality of the product right after we get requirements we can divide our testing process into verification and validation testing. In this article, we will discuss the key difference between verification and validation testing.

    I have created a video to discuss Verification vs Validation testing in detail with a real-life example to understand easily. Watch the video and subscribe to the channel. 


    • Verification is the process to make sure the product we are building is the right product. It is as per the requirement. 
    • It involves techniques like requirement verification, reviews, Inspection, static analysis, code reviews
    • Requirements verification - This involves verifying the requirements for the product. In this documents and components hand covered by the client are getting reviewed. 
    •  Design Verification - In this the design of the system getting reviewed. So it involves verifying the design of the system matches the design discussed at the architecture level. 
    • Code Verification - This involves reviewing the code, design patterns used and PRs
    • This is also called static testing, mostly quality assurance team does this. 
    • In this process, code is not get executed. 


    • Validation is the process to make sure the product we developed is right. It is bug-free and follows quality standards. 
    • It involves software testing techniques like functional testing, system testing, performance testing, usability testing, etc. (We have discussed these testing techniques in previous posts, click here to read.). 
    • This is called dynamic testing, mostly software testing team does this.
    • This is executed once the coding is done and the product is ready to test.

    Why Verification vs Validation is confusing?

    Difference between Verification and Validation testing

    • So as seen in the above image while performing validation testing we can perform verification also. Unit tests and Automation tests can be written during the verification process and help in the validation process.
    • Alpha and beta testing are done once the product is ready after verification and validation but clients again do verification to make sure it matches the requirements.
    • While performing functional or system or user acceptance testing, the software tester also checks if the product is as per design or not. So he does both tests.
    • So in simple words, whatever we do to ensure the quality before the product is developed is verification, and whatever we do after the product is developed is validation. 
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