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    Playwright vs Cypress - Which is better?

    For modern web app automation apart from Selenium, there are many modern tools in the trend like Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress, Webdriver, etc. These tools are mostly libraries provided by Node. These tools are really easy to set up and run super fast. In today's world from these tools, we can consider Playwright and Cypress as top tools. So which one is better? Which one we should use or learn?

    Playwright vs Cypress - Which is better?

    I have created a video tutorial on the same with the code demo, please go through the below video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

    In this video, we will discuss 
    1. Benefits of playwright 
    2. Benefits of cypress 
    3. comparison between the playwright and Cypress 
    4. Which one to choose?

    Playwright is developed by Microsoft with the help of puppeteer dev teams only. It solves most of the problems that other automation tools are facing. So it is simple to set up and runs really nicely. It's completely freeware. Cypress is a private tool and most things are free but one can get more support and features with paid options. 

    In the above video, I have already discussed which tool to pick based on the pros and cons of both tools. Also, have done a head-to-head comparison. Please check it out. 

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