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    How to Analyze the performance of a website using Chrome DevTools?

    Chrome Dev tools provide lots of help for web app developers and testers. It has so many functionalities and provides lots of information on a webpage. I have already created a post on a basic overview of ChromeDev tools. It is also helpful to measure the performance of a webpage. You can record a session and it will give a lot of information about the performance of a webpage like CPU usage, memory usage, load time, user interactions, etc. 

    I have created a YouTube video in the "software testing tips and tricks" channel where I have demoed how to measure the performance of a webpage using ChromeDev tools. Please subscribe to the channel.

    In this video, I have discussed - 1. How to set Network and CPU usage in Chrome Devtools? 2. How to measure the performance of the website using Chrome DevTools? 3. How to save and performance profile? 4. Pros and cons of analyzing performance using Chrome dev tools.

    For any queries or suggestions feel free to comment on YouTube or reach out to social media pages.
    Here are the links YouTube, RedditFacebook, and Twitter 

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