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    Playwright Automation - automate file uploads using Playwright

    Uploading files using automation is always tricky. Uploading files using the Playwright is easy. Playwright provides a FileChooser (page.on('filechooser)) event which helps to upload a file. Also with this event you can verify if it supports multiple file uploads or not. Also, you can provide a timeout for uploading the file. 

    I have created a YouTube video in the "software testing tips and tricks" channel where I have explained how to Upload a sample file from the specific path with the typescript code. Also, I will explain the code and the documentation with a few tips and tricks around.

    Watch All playwright tutorial videos from the beginning 

    Here is the sample Playwright - Typescript code to upload the file. 

    import { test, expect } from '@playwright/test';
    test('Handle file uploads', async({context})=>{
    const page = await context.newPage();
    await page.goto("https://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu/ex/fup.html");
    // Start waiting for file chooser before clicking. Note no await.
    const fileChooserPromise = page.waitForEvent('filechooser');
    await page.locator("input[name='upfile']").click();
    const fileChooser = await fileChooserPromise;
    await fileChooser.setFiles('./tests/sample.txt');
    await page.locator("input[type='submit']").click();}) 

     You can check if it allows you to upload multiple files or not using  fileChooser.isMultiple();

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