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    Different types of waits in the Playwright

    When you are automating UI, waiting for the elements is common. Every automation tools have different types of waits which makes your automation run smooth and stable. We can divide this waits in two parts - static waits and dynamic waits. In static waits automation get paused for certain amount of time and then starts running again where as in dynamic waits it keeps on looking for action it is waiting for. In Playwright there are many waits available which waits for certain actions. Also for each actions there are different wait methods which makes it easy to use and more stable than any other tools. So lets learn about different types of waits in the Playwright. 

    Playwrigh provides bellow waits in Page class - 

    • Auto Waits 
    • waitForTimeout()
    • waitForEvent()
    • waitForURL()
    • waitForSelector()
    • waitForRequest()
    • waitForResponse()
    • waitForNavigation()
    • WaitForFunction()
    • waitForLoadState()
    I have created a YouTube video in the "software testing tips and tricks" channel where I have explained these waits in the detail. Please check it out. 

    Here are the links YouTube, RedditFacebook, and Twitter 

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