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    Page Object Model with Playwright and Typescript

    In most of the companies, count of test cases in automation are very high. To maintain these tests is very difficult. Also, sometimes little change in UI may affect many tests and we need to change at multiple places. Page object model also known as POM in short is a design pattern which solves above issues and make framework organised. It helps to reduce duplicate code, increase readability and reusability. So if you are writing playwright automation professionally it is very important to use Page Object Model. 

    In playwright, if you follow the guideline from beginning then implementing Page Object Model is very easy. I have created a YouTube video in the "software testing tips and tricks" channel where I have explained How to implement Page Object Model with Playwright and Typescript with Live coding. 

    In this video, we will learn, 

    1. what is the Page Object Model 

    2. Benefits of Page Object Model 

    3. How to implement the Page Object Model with playwright and typescript?- Step by step. 

    4. if any drawbacks 

    5. Conclusion

    Watch All playwright tutorial videos from the beginning 

    For live example, I have automated Amazon Product Order workflow, where we figured out what to automate, automation steps and then implemented using Page Object Model. 

    Here is the official Playwright document for the page object model. 

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