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    Different built-in Reporters in Playwright - Tips and Tricks

    In Selenium and older automation tools we need to integrate third party reporter tools or need to build our own but Playwright comes with different types of built in reporters. These reporters can provide custom automation reports as per our needs. Playwright bydefault provides html reporter, apart from that it provides line reporter, list reporter, dot reporter, Blob reporter, Json reporter, JUnit reporter and Github actions annotations. One can also create custom reporter and use with the Playwright. 

    One can use these reporters using command lines directly like  this - 

    npx playwright test --reporter=line

    Also you can set default reporter in playwright.config.ts file 

    import { defineConfig } from '@playwright/test';

    export default defineConfig({

    reporter: 'line',

    Also you can pass multiple reporter options and provides reports in all mentioned type.

    I have created a below YouTube playwright tutorial video in the "software testing tips and tricks" channel where I have explained -
    1. How to configure different reporters in playwright? 
    2. How to add reporter for CICD and github actions? 
    3. How to configure custom report in the Playwright? 
    4. Run with all built in reports and show the results. 
    5. Use cases and differences of different reporters

    For more details - Playwright Official documentation for reporters. 

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