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    Integrate and run Playwright tests with Github Actions

    Now a days most of the companies follow CICD - Continuous delivery, Continuous Integration approach to deliver their product timely. For Continuous integration Playwright supports many tools like Github Actions, Circle CI, Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab CI etc. Now a days most of the companies use Github Actions to run their automation with continuous integration. So whenever developer push the new code, it runs automation tests on that and make sure nothing breaks. 

    I have created a below YouTube playwright tutorial video in the "software testing tips and tricks" channel where I have explained -
    1. Which tools are supported by playwright?
    2. Create new Github Repo and integrate with the Playwright
    3. Setup Github desktop with playwright
    4. Configure and understand the Playwright.yml file
    5. Run tests on github actions and check reports of playwright tab 
    6. how to schedule playwright test for daily run in github actions?

    Here is the official Playwright document for Integrating playwright actions with github .

    So to enable Git automatically with Playwright, while installing the playwright it asks if user wants to enable Git, that time need to select true and it will install playwright with git. It will also automatically create Playwright.yml file which we can modify according to the need. One can configure when to run it, where to put results and all which I already explained in the video. 

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